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What£§s kind of material that Sunrise aluminum rollers used£¿

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Aluminum alloy guide roller

Sunrise aluminum roller adopts the high quality of aluminum, and use advanced processing technology, the surface is sing anodic oxidation treatment, we have five  types of this product: HV300(white)or HV700(tawny), Teflon, Sand blasting  and  Crossover roll body surface smooth finish is 0.8 and 1.6, dynamic balance is within 2 g ; Aluminum tube generally have 8-10 reinforcement.

Features of Aluminum guide rollers

High strength, low resistance, light weight, flexible rotation, wear and corrosion resistance.


Sunrise can make slot roller according to customer's requirement, such as: Crossover aluminum roller, horizontal center, aluminum roller, roller, and cooling roller. According to the different needs of the industry, its surface can also be specially treated: Teflon, period with good anti-adhesive, high temperature resistance.