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New Year celebrations£¡

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  Each year, we will have a New Year party to get all our clerks together to celebrate our fruitful results in the past year and look forward to the promising future in the next year. On that day, we will have various shows from our clerks who will be wild with joy. Look at below our New Year party in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.


2011 New Year celebration
Wow, what are the differences from past years? Haha, here comes a group of Xinjiang Girls. So charming they are!

New year

2010 New Year celebration
A group of Miao girls were dancing the Chinese Folk Dance of jubilantly.


2009 New Year celebration
It several minutes left from the New Year party, our LI girls took the last several minutes to take photos with the lovely hostess.


2008 New Year celebration
Our host and hostess were playing games with our colleagues.
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