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Position£ºMarketing manager 
SUNRISE and I started our cooperation on the e-commerce online trading platform Alibaba. At that time, I was making requirement to many companies for my customer who wanted to buy some some powder clutches and powder brakes as well as tension controllers. However, most of the replies set me up either for unacceptable high price or for long period of delivery time. It is the reply from SUNRISE satisfied me a lot, since that reply not only gave clear indications about the unit price and delivery date, but also offered a quoted price within my budget. Hence, I made this order with SUNRISE. In the sequel, my customer expressed his satisfaction to these products by commenting them to be ¡°very nice¡±.

During these three years, we maintain friendly cooperation with each other. The quality, delivery and price of their products are reasonable and the cost performance is high. In a word, SUNRISE is really a wonderful supplier!