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Safety Chuck

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Safety Chuck

Major Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Safety Chucks

Safety chuck is square bar holder and mainly used in the shafted centre to wind and unwind applications. As the driving mechanism, it does not need to be removed every time while changing the core holding shaft, as it gives maintenance free working.


The new a design SUNRISE safety chucks provide speed, accuracy, simple, safety and effective connecting device for continuous motion shaft (air shaft), to avoid winding shaft from loosening or tightening during operation which to improve working efficiency and product quality. It has Pedestal type and flange type and has several bayonet coupling options to match different air shafts.


1¡¢The basic version already comes as a wearing part exchange bearing.

2¡¢The open mechanism slides and offers a lower crushing hazard, compared to flap bearing

3¡¢An optimal torque transmission

(All types are available as pillow block ore flange mounted chucks)