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    Supply High Quality Web Guiding Controller


    Web guiding controller feature:


    Servo Edge Postion Controller EPC-A10/LPC-A12 adopts the high-speed 32-bit CPU drive DC servo driver and no-overshot integral variable PI adjustable algorithm. It is of high deviation rectification and fast reaction. In addition, it supports three operation modes: the edge-following, line-following and center-alignment mode. 


    Web guiding controller function:


    1. support three operation modes: edge-following, line-following and center-alignment.

    2. support photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic transducer and CCD Sensor

    3. detect sensor’s parameters intelligently, no need to correct the sensor under most circumstances

    4. automatic travel measurement, no need to limit the switch mechanically.

    5. no overshot integral variable PI algorithm, high accuracy, fast reaction and less error.

    6. 0.5msec super-speed of responding

    7. analog quantity transducer signal 12bit AD sampling, 700,000 times of sampling per second

    8. adopt FIR digital filter and return difference filter, stronger anti-interference capability and more stable signal

    9. DC servo motor to push the ball screw

    10. power-down memory of all the parameters at any states in the system

    11.store 10 groups of parameters from different material, convenient and efficient switchover of material

    12. Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese /English for menu operation

    13. humanized operation, fast, simple and convenient

    14.support Modbus and PLC/Human-computer networking control


    Edge postion controller data:

    Control Method DC Servo Driver
    Power DC 24V /5A
    Control Input DC 0~5A
    Control output 24V, PWM
    Response time 0.5 mS
    Environment temperature -10~60¡ãC, below RH90% 

    1.2 kg

    Installation :

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    Web guiding Control system:

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    Ultrasonic sensor Parameter:

    Tracking method edge tracking
    Power input DC12V
    Output signal 0~5V / dual on-oof signal
    Detecting range 6mm(¡À3.0mm)
    Detecting precision


    Detecting method Ultrasonic correction
    Carrier frequency 200KHz
    Housing Zinc Die-casting
    Protection level IP54
    Weight 300g
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    Servo Motor Linear Driver Parameter:

    Model Travel Thrust Pushing loading Max. driving speed
    PD-104L80 80mm 100kg 1000kg 40mm/s
    PD-204L150 150mm 200kg 2000kg 40mm/s
    PD-204L200 200mm 200kg 2000kg 40mm/s
    PD-403L150 150mm 400kg 4000kg 30mm/s
    PD-403L200 200mm 400kg 4000kg 30mm/s
    PD-803L200 2000mm 800kg 8000kg 30mm/s
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    * Printing systems: conveyors and in-feeders
    *Wood-working systems: saws, wood-working machine, laminators
    * Office equipment: electronic copy machines, calculators, fax machines, coin counters, printers
    * Testing systems: lab machines, durability testers, measuring systems
    * Food processing systems: meat cutting machines, cookie making machines, canning machines, noodle making machines
    * Others: speed reducers, electroplating machinery, physics and chemistry machines, paper-making machines, pulp processing machines.


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    SUNRISE GROUP INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of Magnetic powder clutch, 

    magnetic powder brake, electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic brake, air clutch, air brake, key type air shaft,board type air shaft, safety chucks and aluminum alloy guide pulley/roller and position indicator etc...


    Last but not least, SUNRISE has been able to transcend other related manufactures in Taiwan in terms of our product quality with competitive price and the after-sales service as well as prompt delivery schedule.


    Our company is still relatively flexible towards quick market changes and is also able to actively serve our customers on a global basis. SUNRISE GROUP welcomes all inquiries regarding latest product releases,and information will be supplied immediately.


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    Due to the positive image and quality products, SUNRISE GROUP INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD  has gained a large share of the market, along with the products sold in over 30 countries and regions, including US, Mexico, Colombia, German, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain,Portugal, Russia, Korea, Malaysia and eastern European countries etc...

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     1.    When can I get the quotation?


    We usually quoted within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email, so that we can regard your inquiry priority.


    2.    How should I place the order?


    Please let us know the model number based on our specs for powder clutch, powder brake, air clutch, air brake, electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic brake and safety chucks. For air shaft and roller, please show us your drawing, or let us know your request, and then we will provide you drawing for confirmation.


    3.    What’s your MOQ basis?


    Normally, we don’t have MOQ request, except the rollers.


    4.    What about the lead time for production?


    Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the type of our products. For powder clutch, powder brake, tension controller, load cell and edge position controller which is about 3-5 days. For safety chucks, air shaft and roller which need about 15-30days


    5.    What is the term of delivery?


    We can arrange with EXW, FOB, CIF¡­etc. You can choose the most convenient one or cost-effective way.


    Feel Free To Contact With Us
    If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
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