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Web guide control system

Web Guiding System (as known as Web Guide Controller, Web Aligner System) is a device in using sensor todetect the edge, print line, center of the web to keep the moving web at the right position. Web Guiding Systemsare widely used for machineries in film, paper, rubber, textile, metal industries, it increases efficiency, improvesquality, reduces loses and labors.


 It provides exceptional precision and accuracy in web guiding operations. This system effectively eliminates manual adjustment requirements and minimizes downtime, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. Moreover, Sunrise's web guide control system ensures reduced material waste, optimized web tension, and enhanced control over web alignment, resulting in improved product quality. Its reliability and versatility make it a valuable asset for companies seeking to streamline their web guiding processes.

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EPC-A12 Servo Web Guide Control System which compatible with different type of web guide sensors (optical sensors, ultrasonic sensor and HCCD sensor) and actuator, support EPC (edge), LPC (line), CPC (central) and SPC (S-shaped) web guiding. With large color touch screen as user-friendly human/machine interaction, easy operation, great appearance. With setting guide and online help system. Easy to operate this system with basic setting for the first time.
Web guide controller for the web position adjustment, through the use of actuators and sensors. The controller is equipped with the latest technologies to improve the web guide performance in any working condition. EPC-A10 web guide controller adopts the high-speed 32-bit CPU drive DC servo driver and no-overshoot integral variable PI adjusting algorithm. It is with high accuracy correction, high response speed and user-friendly graphic interface. In addition, it supports three operation modes: the edge tracking, line tracking and center-alignment mode.
Our Newly developed all-in-one web guide controller is applied to accurate correct the narrow range of materials. Especially for label printing, packaging and non-woven industries. All-in-one web guiding controller is with compact design, easy installation and saving space. Controller, driver and detector are integrated which help user to increase high efficiency during installation and debugging. Sensors: the system can be used with photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensors or CCD sensor to detect the edge, and with optical sensor to detect line or edge or pattern of all kind of materials. Controller: All-in-one web guide control system can be used with both EPC-A10 AND EPC-A12 web guide controllers.
Now you can have better web guide control system that’s easier to use, with the same level of performance that you’ve grown accustomed to with Sunrise Group. This web guide control system is simple and easy to operate, with only eight keys and the ability to display four lines of text in a package that is flexible and easy to mount. Simply put, this is the easiest and most intuitive controller we’ve ever created. It's just one more way we're helping you run faster, smarter and better. Controller: All-in-one web guide control system can be used with both EPC-A10 and EPC-A12 web guide controllers.
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