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Air Expanding Shaft

Sunrise's Air Expanding Shaft offers numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for various industries. Firstly, the shaft's innovative design enables easy expansion and contraction, ensuring a secure grip on different materials such as paper, plastic, and film. This versatility allows for efficient and reliable operations. Additionally, the shaft's durable construction guarantees long-term usage without compromising precision and performance. With minimal maintenance requirements and a user-friendly setup, the Sunrise Air Expanding Shaft proves to be a highly cost-effective investment, saving both time and resources for businesses.

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Lug type air expanding shafts are strong and versatile, delivering superior performance in the widest range of converting unwind and rewind applications. Also, eliminate core damage, prevent roll slippage during fast startups and shutdowns, and minimize vibration at high web speeds. Designed for light- to heavy-duty applications with 1” (25mm) to 12"(300mm) ID cores, the lug type air expanding shaft is often used in center unwind and rewind applications with either paper or steel cores.
Tension Leaf type Air expanding shaft is suitable for a full range of converting and web production operations, with a fixed leaf design for greatest core and web concentricity. It is ideal for core or coreless winding, and features a 360° radial expanding grip. Its rugged construction and design are available for any diameter or length, in steel, aluminum or lightweight carbon, with special designs available for heavy duty and extra lightweight applications. Shaft weights for your specific application are available upon request.
The strip material of this strip type air inflated shaft is made of rubber with good clamping elasticity, so it can keep better concentricity, the strip type air inflated shaft body material is hard aluminum alloy or carbon steel, for which kind of shaft body material to use, it depends on material's weight, this strip type air inflated shaft can be used in the cutting, printing, rewinding, unwinding, labeling, and the other materials... Sunrise manufactures to your specificized strip type inflated air shaft to suit your equipment, including cantilevered or custom designs. The strip type air inflated shafts are guaranteed for one year against material and workmanship defects.
Strip type pneumatic air shaft core adaptors are the most economical solution to adjust an existing shaft to a larger core diameter. Mounting and dismounting takes just a few seconds, saving time and the cost of a new air expanding shaft.
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