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Micro Powder Brake-PMB  1
Micro Powder Brake-PMB  1

Micro Powder Brake-PMB


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    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake


    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake


    PMB Attention for using magnetic powder brake:


    1, Install it with correct mounting method (make high-speed rotation side as the input side) to use the magnetic powder clutch. If the mechanical structure of output and input shafts have to be installation reversely, make sure to use the under 1000R/MIN. If the output shaft and input shaft be installed reversely, which will make the machine idle for a long time,  the magnetic powder clutch will greatly shorten the life by mixing magnetic powder. 


    2, Note the moisture. If the magnetic is damp, then performance will become unstable, so be careful do not to let the oil or water get into the housing. Especially when installed in the gear box, oil penetrated the internal branch of the housing through the shaft, so please seal it with film completely.


    Eight reasons to choose us:


    1,Perfect service system and after-sale protection

    2,Quality problems will be solved within 24hours.

    3,two or more free shipping within the pearl river delta.

    4,Companies carry out the ERP management, improve enterprise fast response, one-to-one customer service tracking processing.

    5,Quality assurance, replacement within three months and one year warranty.

    6,Supporting professional matched other equipments.

    7,The company has more than one product testing units, the implementation of ISO9001: 2008.

    8,Unique development and design capabilities to meet the needs of special-purpose equipment manufacturing.


    Magnetic Powder brake Data:


    Micro Powder Brake-PMB  3
    Model PMB-5 PMB-10 PMB-20 PMB-50 PMB-5L
    Rated torque [kgf-m](N-m) 0.05(0.5) 0.1(1) 0.2(2) 0.5(5) 0.5(5)




     Current (A) 0.35 0.42 0.5 0.6 0.6
     Power (W) 8.4 10 12 14.4 14.4
     No. of hour set(S) 0.02 0.02 0.034 0.045 0.045
     Weight(kg)  0.4 0.54 0.96 1.3 1.5
      Maximum speed (r/min 1800



    L1 45 50 59 66 95
    L2 40 43 50 55 68
    L3 5 7 9 11 8
    L4 4 4 5 5 5
    L5 3 4 6 8 /
    L6 14 17 251 27 42
    L7 18 18 20 19 9
    L8 3 4 5 8 8
    e1 10.5 12 15 18 27
    e2 9 10 13 16 23
    D1 70 76 90 108 108
    D2 60 66 80 95 95
    D3 50 56 70 82 82
    D4 24 36 40 44 44
    D5(g7) 24 30 40 44 44
    d(g7) 5 7 9 15 13
    T 4.5 6.5 8.5 14 10.6
    P 4.5 4.5 4.5 6 6
    Micro Powder Brake-PMB  4


    Micro Powder Brake-PMB  5


    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake

    *Textile machinery: fiber twisters, treatment machines, weaving machines

    * Metal fishing systems: extruders, wire stretchers, presses, welders, steel wire retractors, cutters, pipe makers, wire winding machines
    *Machine tool systems: lathes,
    * Millers, steel extruders, CNC lathes, specialized machinery
    * Transportation equipment: hoists, feeders, conveyors, rollers, winders
    * Paper- making systems: bag-making machines, box-making machines, slitters, book-making machinery, cutters, copy paper machines


    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake


    Still frustrated about your powder brake, powder clutch, air shaft or safety chucks, tension controllers? And looking for available and enduring ones with warranty?

    You’ve come to the right place!
    Established in 2003 and located in Dongguan city, SUNRISE GROUP INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer and trader of powder clutches, powder brakes, electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic brakes, air clutches, air brakes, air shafts, safety chucks, rollers and tension controllers. You name it, we specialize in it!


    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake

    Due to the positive image and quality products, SUNRISE GROUP INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has gained a large share of the market, along with the products sold in over 30 countries and regions, including US, Mexico, Colombia, German, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Korea, Malaysia and eastern European countries etc...


    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake


    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake


    Premium Grake Micro Magnetic Powder Brake For Printing Machine #powderbrake


    1.    When can I get the quotation?


    We usually quoted within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email, so that we can regard your inquiry priority.


    2.    How should I place the order?


    Please let us know the model number based on our specs for powder clutch, powder brake, air clutch, air brake, electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic brake and safety chucks. For air shaft and roller, please show us your drawing, or let us know your request, and then we will provide you drawing for confirmation.


    3.    What’s your MOQ basis?


    Normally, we don’t have MOQ request, except the rollers.


    4.    What about the lead time for production?


    Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the type of our products. For powder clutch, powder brake, tension controller, load cell and edge position controller which is about 3-5 days. For safety chucks, air shaft and roller which need about 15-30days.


    5. What is the term of delivery?


    We can arrange with EXW, FOB, CIF¡­etc. You can choose the most convenient one or cost-effective way.

    Feel Free To Contact With Us
    If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
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