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STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller 1
STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller 2
STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller 3
STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller 1
STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller 2
STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller 3

STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller

The STC-858A models of web tension controllers automatically control unwinding, intermediate, or winding tension by receiving signals from either the LS-TD or LC model of tension detector. These controllers generate a control voltage of 0 to 24V to the powder clutch/brake or hysteresis clutch/brake, or generate a torque command voltage of 0 to 5 V to the AC servo amplifier.


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    口罩机专用 全自动数码显示屏 全自动张力控制器 一件起订 (3)

    Auto Tension Control Feature

    ● Menu function as a standard feature. Allows storage and readout of 4 kinds of operation data.

    ● Set values can be written to and stored in the memory cassette. Simple and easy batch copying/modification of the set values.

    ● Quick and easy function selection with the function keys

    ● Dot matrix LCD display.

    ● Language displayed on the LCD display can be selected between English, and simplified Chinese by the DIP switch.

    ● Automatic detection of the signal polarity of tension detector. Simple wiring without the need to worry about the load type (compression or pull load).

    ● Auto zero/span adjustment for the tension detector is adopted, eliminating the need for adjustment.

    ● Operates on a wide range of supply voltage from 100V to 240V AC.

    magnetic powder brake Feature

    Easy control over a wide range
    Transmission torque changes continuously in response to changes in the exciting current, and so can be easily controlled over a wide range.
    22 (3)
    Continuous slip operation
    The powder enables continuous slip on the working surface as well as stable transmission torque regardless of the slip rotation speed.
    22 (2)
    Stable torque
    Due to the shape of the operating surface and powder leakage prevention structure, the distribution of powder can be kept uniform and stable torque can be reproduced even if the current is repeatedly turned on and off.
    Large heat capacity
    The products using powder have excellent heat resistance and an ideal cooling structure, and so can be used even in harsh continuous slip operation.
    PBO Magnetic powder brake structure
    Smooth connection and drive
    With almost equal coefficients of static and dynamic friction, load-based acceleration/ deceleration can be obtained without shock at the time of complete connection.

    Auto Web Tension control specification

    Working condition

    Ambient temperature: 0~40 °C

    Environment humidity: 35~85% RH (no frost)

    Non-corrosiveness, no flammable gas, no conductive dust, dust free


    10~50Hz 0.55mm (Max 4.9m/s2)


    D type grounding (Forbid to connect with strong electric wires together


    Approx 3.5kg

    Installation size

    STC-858A Auto Web Tension controller 10

    Web tension control system application

    Application sample (2)

    Auto Web Tension control mounting

    Installation (3)

    Some of Sunrise auto tension control system that are connected to the input/output terminals of this model of tension controllers include the following. Tension detector, actuator, and some of the signal input switches are essential to the system; other components are connected as necessary.

    Application scenarios

    Offset pivot guide control system
    Web guide & tension control system testing machine
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