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What are the Electromagnetic clutch of Sunrise Group?


Electromagnetic Clutches

What is Electromagnetic Clutch?

Electromagnetic clutches, also referred to as ¡®electromechanical’, actuate electrically but transmit torque mechanically. The basic design of an electromechanical clutch consists of an electromagnetic coil within a metal housing (stator), a rotor connecting to the input source, and an armature that connects to the output source.  To engage an electromechanical clutch, the coil is energized creating a magnetic field which pulls the armature friction plate to the rotor friction plate, establishing a frictional mechanical connection. The force between the friction surfaces transmits torque from the input rotor to the output armature. A variation to the friction disc design is a toothed design for timing / position control and for higher torque applications. With no magnetic field present, the armature is pulled back into its default position by a recessed flat spring. This action creates a small air gap between rotor and armature plates, effectively disengaging the output armature and ceasing torque transmission.

What are the Electromagnetic clutch of Sunrise Group?

Over the years, Sunrise became known as electromagnetic versus electro mechanical, referring more about their actuation method versus physical operation. Since the clutches started becoming popular over 60 years ago, the variety of applications and clutch designs has increased dramatically, but the basic operation remains the same.

This article mainly deals with these types of clutches.

1.     Flange single-plate electromagnetic clutch (FCD)

2.     Inner bearing type electromagnetic clutch (MCS)

3.     Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Units£¨SMP£©

This clutch & brake device is used where an output needs to be engaged and disengaged, as well as halted. Our combo units provide up to 320 Nm of transmittable torque, and are available in six different models including clutch & brake, double clutch, or double brake configurations.

What are the Electromagnetic clutch of Sunrise Group? 1          

Sunrise Group offers several electronic clutch and electromagnetic brake options to meet your application requirements. Request a quote today or contact us to request additional information.

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