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Supply High Precision PG series Steering Frame with Web Guide Controller


Supply High Precision PG series Steering Frame with Web Guide Controller

Steering Frame PG series Features:

1. Support three operation modes: edge-following, line-following and center-alignment.

2. Support photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic transducer and CCD Sensor

3. Detect sensor’s parameters intelligently, no need to correct the sensor under most circumstances

4. Automatic travel measurement, no need to limit the switch mechanically.

5. No overshot integral variable PI algorithm, high accuracy, fast reaction and less error.

6. 0.5mS super-speed of responding

7. Analog quantity transducer signal 12bit AD sampling, 700,000 times of sampling per second

8. Adopt FIR digital filter and return difference filter, stronger anti-interference capability and more stable signal

9. DC servo motor to push the ball screw

10. Power-down memory of all the parameters at any states in the system

11. Store 10 groups of parameters from different material, convenient and efficient switchover of material

12. Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese /English for menu operation

13. Humanized operation, fast, simple and convenient

14. Support Modbus and PLC/Human-computer networking control


More advantages:

1. Brushless DC servo motor driving, maintenance free;

2. Accuracy ball screw bar and accuracy positioning;

3. With large guiding travel;

4. Roller length and width can be custom made;

5. Roller surface treatment can be anodized, rubber and cork leather.

Supply High Precision PG series Steering Frame with Web Guide Controller

SUNRISE High Class Web Guide Control System PG series
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