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Air Expanding Shaft with Different Type


Air Expanding Shaft with Differenct Type

For fast change over of un-winder/winder roll air expanding shafts are required for core holding. Through its air valve air can fill and the air shaft will hold the core by expanding the rubber bladder.  Core gets released after removing the Air by thump press.  Most commonly used cores are 3¡± ID core but bigger cores are also used where heavy weight of the unwind/re-wind rolls.
Air expanding shaft is core-holding device suitable for 3¡± core inside diameter & 6" core diameter. Lugs type Air expanding shaft is most commonly used for  paper or PVC  core holding. Square end Airshaft can be used with safety chucks for winding & winding. The shaft can take load of 30kgs to 500kgs. Cantilever type Airshaft is available with one side shaft for mounting. Air valve can locate at face length or shaft end according to requirements. In case of failure of air shaft rubber bladder your service mechanic can easily replace the tube at your place itself. Importance is given to valve fitting and Teflon tape sealing of valve thread and to avoid damage of  ¡°O¡± rings. To avoid overfilling of air to avoid puncture of air bladder special air gun can be ordered with pressure so that know the in built air pressure inside the Air shaft. If require special Hardened ends, bearing size it should be mentioned in your order.


Air Expanding Shaft

Air Expanding Shaft with Different Type 1  

 Lugs type Air Shaft

Air Expanding Shaft with Different Type 2  

 Cantilever Air Expanding Shaft

Air Expanding Shaft with Different Type 3  

Safety chuck work principle
Aluminium Air Shaft Specification
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