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Position Indicators working principle


Position indicators are used in all industries and manufacturing environments, as almost all machines or lines need guide elements, material stops or tools to be positioned or aligned reliably.

Digital Position Indicators working principle: They are used for precision position display, which is installed on drive shaft to measure the rotations of the drive shaft and display corresponding position in the digital position window. The display value per drive shaft revolution is variable and is achieved through a series of gear reductions configured to accommodate different screw jack ratios, screw pitch and travel length. Other considerations: Choice of counter is dependent on the diameter of the worm input shaft on which they will be mounted. Selection of internal ratio of counter is dependent on the number ot turns per millimeters for the specific jack. If counters are used on jacks with hand wheels, a longer input worm shaft can be specified to permit both handwheel and counter to be mounted on a single shaft.

Position Indicators working principle 1

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