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Safety chucks for air shaft working


SUNRISE Safety Chuck

Sunrise safety chucks, the best way to determine the size of the existing SUNRISE Safety Chuck is to measure the diameter of the chrome plated tilting locking collar (handwheel) and to know the the size of the square opening in the Safety Chuck seat (pocket).

Safety chucks for air shaft workingSafety chucks for air shaft working

Can I retrofit a SUNRISE brand Safety Chuck in place of the Safety Chuck brand I currently use?
Yes, you can. All we need to know is:


1. What is the centerline dimension from the bottom of the Safety Chuck to the centre of the Safety Chuck?

2. What is the size of the required square opening in the seat of the Safety Chuck?

3. What is the diameter of the drive shaft?

4. What is the length of the drive shaft from the back of the housing of the SUNRISE brand Safety Chuck?

5. What is the distance from the rear wall of the square seat to the mounting hole for the Safety Chuck?

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