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Magnetic Powder Clutch Pre-Mounting Matters

Note: Magnetic powder clutch performance can be affected by prolonged exposure to humid environments. Please store in a dry location.
Note: The equipment covered by this service manual must be installed in accordance with these instructions. Failure to do so may damage the equipment and void the warranty.
1. Remove the magnetic powder clutch from its shipping carton and inspect it thoroughly to make sure that it has arrived in good condition. When installing, please take care not to damage the lead wires.
2. Check the input hub to ensure it turns freely when the output shaft and housing are held stationary. The powder inside the magnetic powder clutch may settle due to shock and vibration caused during shipping. This can make rotation obviously difficult and can be easily remedied by turning the magnetic powder clutch  upside down and gently tapping the outside to loosen the powder.
3. Make sure the location chosen for mounting will not expose the magnetic powder clutch to water or oil. If water or oil gets into the powder cavity, the performance of the magnetic powder clutch may be affected. If the unit is mounted next to a gearbox, special care should be taken to prevent oil from working its way into the magnetic powder clutch.
4. If couplings are used to make drive system connections, the mounting surface must properly locate the housing to make sure that the alignment is within the coupling manufacturer's specifications.

Magnetic Powder Clutch Mounting Steps
Magnetic Particle Clutch Installation Introduction
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