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Powder Clutch Maintenance

Make sure your powder clutch does not overheat. This occurs when the heat generated is greater than the heat dissipation capability of the powder clutch. The maximum allowable surface temperature for the micro magnetic powder clutch PMC series unit is 167¡ã F.
Slip Applications
With most controls, torque is easily adjusted. However, special care must be taken when adjusting torque to make sure that too much heat is not generated in the powder clutch. The heat generated is proportional to torque and slip rpm. Refer to the sizing procedure in the catalog to make sure the clutch has adequate heat dissipation capability. Also, do not increase the slip speed or the torque without verifying that the powder clutch can dissipate the heat.
Cycling Applications
In cycling applications, the speed and inertia of the load and the cycle rate determines the heat generated. To verify that the clutch can handle the thermal energy generated in your application. Also, do not increase the speed, cycle rate, or inertia without checking the clutch ability to dissipate the heat generated.
Do not expose the magnetic powder clutch to water or oil. If water or oil gets into the powder cavity, the performance of the unit may be affected. If the clutch is mounted next to a gearbox, special care must be taken to prevent oil from working its way into the unit.

Safety Chucks Introduction
Magnetic Particle Clutch Electrical Connections
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