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SUNRISE Magnetic Powder Brake General description


The magnetic powder brakes and clutches combines the resilience of a fluid clutch with the locked-in stability of a friction clutch. Torque is transmitted by a specially alloyed dry ferromagnetic powder.

The clutchs can sustain continuous slip (within their empirically established heat ratings)at a precise and stable torque value, which is determined by excitation level.

Slip between input and output level is not necessary in order to transmit torque, and provided load torque does not exceed the torque for which a unit excited to transmit locked-in synchronous operation will take place. Conversely, if load torque exceeds the energised torque level, slip will occur in an absolutely smooth manner at the predetermined torque value. 

For all practical purpose, static and dynamic coefficients of friction are sensibly equel also output torque is indepentent of speed, or slip speed. 

Powder performance is unaffected by temperature rise at the working surface, and clutchs will, at all times, have the characteristics that transmitted torque is directly proportional to current. It should be noted that use of dry powder rather than fluid- suspended powder medium promotes consistency and accuracy of torque control.

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