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Know-how for magnetic powder brake

Magnetic brake meets torque transmission is based on electromagnetic theory and use of magnetic powder. It has the feature of linear relationship of having exciting current and torque delivery Can delivery certain torque under the condition of having no relationship with slipping .With the advantage of fast response, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no shock and vibration energy saving. Is a automatic control components with versatile, superior performance. Now is widely used in paper making, printing, plastics, rubber, textile, dyeing and wire & cable, metallurgy, tablet press industrial, and other related processing industries in winding and unwinding tension control. Magnetic brake is also frequently used to measure mechanical power transmission and braking loads. Magnetic powder brake usually matches with magnetic powder clutch to use.

Usage of magnetic brake

1, Buffer start and stop use: to reach buffer stand and stop by using feature of smooth connecting and feature of related torque.

2, For continuous sliding, tension control

3, For torque limitation

4, For high-speed response

5, For power absorption

6, For position stopping

7, For simulated loading

Characteristics of magnetic powder brake

1, Easily control a wide range.

2, To achieve continuous slip operation.

3, To reach stable torque.

4, No buzzer

5,With large thermal capacity.
6, To achieve smooth continuous and riving condition.

What is a brake?
Attention for using magnetic powder brake
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